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Innovative anti-hyperlipidemic, anticancer and range of other pharmaceuticals.

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Anticancer products

Mamacita® Pemetrexed for Injection 100mg & 500mg Lung cancer & Mesothelioma
Bone-Dust® Bendamustine for Injection 25mg & 100mg Leukemia & Lymphoma
Poppum™ Paclitaxel Injection 30, 100, 260 & 300mg Breast, Lung and Overy cancer & Kaposi’s sarcoma
Poppum™-np Paclitaxel for Inj. (Nano particulate) 100mg Adenocarcinomas, Breast & Lung cancer (Targete drug )
Detoxic-Touch® Docetaxel Injection 20mg, 80mg & 120mg Breast, Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Gastric, Head & Neck
Bee-Zombee® Bortezomib for Injection 2mg & 3.5mg Multiple myeloma & mantle cell lymphoma
  Irinotecan Injection 40mg & 100mg Colon or rectal cancer
  Gemcitabine for Injection 200mg, 1000mg & 1.4g Ovarian, Breast, Lung & Pancreatic cancer
  Doxorubicin Injection 10mg & 50mg & 100mg Breast, leukemias, lymphomas & other metastatic cancers
  Doxorubicin Injection (Liposomal) 20mg & 50mg Ovarian cancer, Kaposi's Sarcoma & Multiple myeloma (Targete drug)