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Possible opportunities of human cloning

Born again (Genetic duplication)

Couple’s lost child, someone who lost a spouse, other family member and even ancestors can be reborn again or live person can make own identical twin trough human cloning. Of course it would be a model, and cloning alone will not re-create memories and which came from environment. At least it could be a little relief from loved ones death. Also it could bring some relief to those that fear from death like most of the religion gives.

We believe in future if possible to combine cloning technology with other like connectome or cloning in entirely new way then yes ! we can also re-create memories. Thrilled! Would get immortality! We have seen yesterday's science fiction become today's reality so why cannot think for human cloning too in very safe and controlled way?


Create the designer babies

Creating designer babies who are super intelligence, super athletic, smart and free from diseases may finally be possible through cloning by combining gene therapy or genetic engineering. Miraculous!


Children for single women or single men or lesbian or gay couples

Single women or men who would like to become parent or same sex couples (lesbian or gay) to have biological children that are purely made from their genes is possible through cloning by using their own somatic cells.

Replacement for un born child

Having a miscarriage? already attached emotionally with miscarriaged baby? wish to have the same miscariaged baby who passed away? Yes! may be possible to have same miscariaged baby through reproductive cloning in near future by preserved miscarriaged baby’s somatic cells (embryo or fetus).


Infertile couples the chance to have children of their own

Infertile couple may choose this alternate way to have child of any parent of predetermined sex either from male parent or female parent. It may be another mode of treatment of human infertility to a childless couple that has tried all other choices including IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) for having a child. Anticipating infertility treatment may be the potential outcome of cloning.


More safely than normal human reproduction

Sometime science doesn’t take much time to turn the table! Someday reproductive cloning may override the sexual reproduction by advancement of reproductive cloning technology. It may be safer, predetermined and possible to manipulate the characteristics.


Replace diseased body parts and organs (Transplant from clone)

By the process of cloning the missing or damaged body part or organs can be repair or entire new human organ can regenerate for organ transplant. Besides for people who require organ donation, cloning may be the safer and easy option since the patient himself can provide cloned organs or body parts that can be used for organ transplantation.


Drawback Of Human Cloning

At the current scenario of defined family relationship (i.e. Brother, sister, mother, father etc.), religious view, current laws and legal rights with respect to relationships following challenges may arises.

1. Family interactions (in the case of a cloned family member).

2. Rights to freedom, privacy and equality.

3. Their own awareness of origins.

4. Prejudicial attitudes people may have towards cloned individual.

5. Expectations and demands from parents or genotype donors.

6. Commercial surrogacy.

7. Planned to produce own clone for organ transplantations.

To override these issues fixed mindset to be changed to define a new relationship, people should be technicality educated, we must see back our evolutionary history to learn and most importantly human cloning applications selectively regulated by strict laws.