Live Human, Dead Human and Ancestral Cells Preservation & Specialty Pharma Company


We cheer up partnerships with government to develop innovative, global community technologies against current issues as nonprofit project.

We invite the like-minded individuals who support the exciting innovative research-based goals. We are looking to build regional, national and international partnerships with industry, government and academia in economic development.

We have more than 12 years of research experience in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals including targeted drug delivery and clinical research.

Now scientist are searching aliens (biological or non biological) on other planets and on other galaxies, expecting the aliens technology much far superior than our technologies. With these thoughts now we are looking science in different paradigm and achieving several millstones in different fields.

Let’s join us to continue the evolutionally incredible journey of Homo sapiens through science in right direction which will give us a high level of well-being, override the current global issues and life threatening diseases.