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Somatic Cells Preservation for future human cloning
(Possibility to clone yourself & ancestors)

Yes! Now we can think to live forever or rebirth or revive our life and our loved ones life after death. Even our ancestors who passed away will be possible to revive again in near future! It all may be possible through human cloning. Of course with currently availabe cloning technology, it (cloning alone) will not re-create memories which came from environment because cloned individuals are also shaped by learning and environmental factor as well. It will be a new kind of identical twin or replica which will be the exact copies (genetically identical) of live person or person who passed away or ancestors. This highly controvesial miracle of science may be true in near future.

Infertility treatments are more potential future application of human reproductive cloning due to current scenario of defined family relationship (i.e. Brother, sister, mother, father etc.), religious view and legal rights with respect to relationships.


We believe, retrieval of memories and learning may be possible in near future through cloning in combination with other technology i.e. recovery of memories, thoughts and emotions from connectome [connectome is a complete map or fingerprint of the neural and molecular connections in a brain in which memories and learning are stored as scientist believes and can be retrieve in future from live persons brain or legally dead persons preserved brain].


We known as future Human Cloning Company are offering advance free of cost enrollment / registration from all over the world for safe preservation of yours, your loved ones, your loved ones who passed away and your ancestor’s somatic cells for cloning in future or may be for any other purpose. Interested individual may register in advance for preservation of cells. You may write us or can visit FAQ for further clarification on somatic cell preservation.

Below samples can be collected for preservation in accordance with clissified individuals. Either one or all 4 types of cells can be collected for preservation.

- Adult Children Newborn Adult Children Newborn Adult or Children Newborn Embryo or fetus -
1. Peripheral Blood 10mL Peripheral Blood 10mL Umbilical Cord blood Peripheral Blood 10mL Peripheral Blood 10mL Umbilical Cord blood Peripheral Blood 10mL Umbilical Cord blood Embryonic or fetal tissue Bone marrow
2. Peripheral Blood 25mL after G-CSF injection* Peripheral Blood 25mL after G-CSF injection* Umbilical Cord tissue Some hairs with root Some hairs with root Umbilical Cord tissue Bone marrow Umbilical Cord tissue - Approximate
different best
available and
least damaged
3. Hairs with root, 25 number Hairs with root, 25 number Hairs with root, 25 number Urine 500ml Urine 500ml Hairs with root, 25 number Hairs with root, 25 number Hairs with root, 25 number -
4. Urine 500ml Urine 500ml - Biopsy tissue** Biopsy tissue** Biopsy tissue** Skin or/and any internal tissue Skin or/and any internal tissue -

► *Subjected to clearance from hematologist.

► **If already planned biopsy for patient.

►Epithelial cells will be isolated from urine sample.

►G-CSF: Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor injection to immobilize the stem cells from bone marrow.

►Ancestors cells will be preserved only if DNA is intact and found suitable to preserve.

Legal and regulatory process for approval to preserve the human somatic cell preservation for future human reproductive cloning will be subjected for approval. Clients will be bound to Indian guidelines, legal and regulatory process irrespective of other countries guidelines or laws.


Why preserve now

The possibility of cloning humans is controversial now but someday it may become absolutely safe, carefully controlled and regulated by advancement of human reproductive cloning technology and surpass the current ethical, legal and social challenges. Presently we strongly agree to prohibit human cloning for the time being because of potential medical harms and psychological issues.

But this is not the time to fear and try to sit back. If someone keen and not preserved the somatic cells now in an appropriate time frame then cannot go back to retrieve when human cloning become regular practice in near future i.e. in next 25 to 50 years or may be much earlier. We planned to preserve the cells for several hundrad of years. Please read the possible opportunities and drawback and FAQ for details and answerers for every possible question.