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FAQ (Frequently asked questions) for human cloning

Cloning is the creation of exact copies of biological entity like DNA, gene, cell, tissue, organ or an entire organism.

Human cloning or human reproductive cloning is the possibility of creation of exact copies (genetically identical) of live person or person who passed away or ancestors but cloned individuals identity is also shaped by environmental factor as well. It will be a new kind of identical twin.

Live or dead adult male/female or Live or dead child male/female or ancestors somatic cell are used for cloning. Currently scientist SCNT (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer) technique uses for animal cloning and also in humans for research purpose. Worldwide plenty of animals successfully cloned with this technique.

The embryo developed after Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) process is implanted into the uterus (of the donor of the ovum or a surrogate recipient) and allowed to develop into a fetus and whole organism. The organism so developed is genetically identical to the donor of the somatic cell nucleus. In case of human if all goes well, the embryo will then develop into a normal, healthy individual. Unfortunately, all rarely goes well with currently available technology. This is one of the reasons to ban human cloning. In near future scientist may find superior process.

Scientists are doing experiments on number of animal species like sheep, cats, pigs, mice and cows but success rate are very low. Restricted & regulated research in human with SCNT process and animal cloning for the purpose of scientific research & commercial use are going on.

Concerns are such as family interactions (in the case of a cloned family member), adult’s rights to freedom, children’s rights to privacy and equality and commercial surrogacy. Their own awareness of their origins, prejudicial attitudes people may have towards them, expectations and demands from parents or genotype donors.

A major challenge will be the re-defining of conventional relationships. Most of the people will not accept or slowly will accept.

Approximately 25 countries have banned all human cloning. The world over it is considered a complete no for human cloning but few countries permits therapeutic cloning, related restricted research involving SCNT process, research on animal cloning and related research. Please refer link on home page for detailed information. 

Some scientist believes human cloning may happen successful within the next few decades by advancement of existing or with entirely new technology. Parents who lost their children in accidents or someone lost their loved one or ancestor might be able to clone replacements in the next few decades. A more promising application of cloning will be the infertility treatment.

Human cloning is possible now but huge number of clones today will be deformed if done by currently available technology. Please refer link on home page for detailed information.

Below samples can be collected for preservation in accordance with classified individuals. Either one or all four types of cells can be collected for preservation.

- Adult Children Newborn Adult Children Newborn Adult or Children Newborn Embryo or fetus -
1. Peripheral Blood 10mL Peripheral Blood 10mL Umbilical Cord blood Peripheral Blood 10mL Peripheral Blood 10mL Umbilical Cord blood Peripheral Blood 10mL Umbilical Cord blood Embryonic or fetal tissue Bone marrow
2. Peripheral Blood 25mL after G-CSF injection* Peripheral Blood 25mL after G-CSF injection* Umbilical Cord tissue Some hairs with root Some hairs with root Umbilical Cord tissue Bone marrow Umbilical Cord tissue - Approximate
different best
available and
least damaged
3. Hairs with root, 25 number Hairs with root, 25 number Hairs with root, 25 number Urine 500ml Urine 500ml Hairs with root, 25 number Hairs with root, 25 number Hairs with root, 25 number -
4. Urine 500ml Urine 500ml - Biopsy tissue** Biopsy tissue** Biopsy tissue** Skin or/and any internal tissue Skin or/and any internal tissue -

► * Subjected to clearance from hematologist

► ** If already planned biopsy for patient

► Epithelial cells will be isolated from urine sample

► G-SCF: Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor injection to immobilize the stem cells from bone marrow.

► Ancestors cells will be preserved only if DNA is intact and found suitable to preserve.

Personalized sample collection kit will be provided. Samples to be collected by our technical expert or your healthcare provider or can collect at your end in any healthcare center as per our standard protocol. Collected samples will be shipped in controlled condition as early as possible to our laboratory located in India.

Samples will be screened on receiving, processed and cryopreserved as per designed protocol. Cryopreserved samples are planned to store in a highly advanced, earthquake resistant, flood resistant, bombproof and nuclear radiation resistance structure, well above the sea level (so that it will not be affected by global warming) situated away from the volcanic eruption and earthquake prone zone.

Yes, our sole objective is to preserve the suitable cells for future human cloning whereas cord tissue and cord blood stem cell banks store the samples for treatment of haematological disorders and future potential of therapies and clinical trials (at present, there are no approved use for stem cell therapy other than the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for haematological disorders).

Preservation Cost will be 1 Lakh INR or approximately 1500 USD for 500 years and cost for human cloning will be slightly more than IVF procedure. We will let you know with update on this website. This preservation services may be a nonprofit services by company or a separate entity. You can also reach us at email for further information.

We planned to preserve indefinitely (forever) with strong financial planning for several hundreds of years but you can customize the time as per your wish, like 25 years, 50 years, 75 years, 100 years, 200 years, 500 years or more.

You or your nominee can withdraw the fraction of sample or entire sample anytime for research, clinical trial or any therapeutic application if require.

A scientific approach in which person’s brain surgically removes from body to preserves cryonically as early as possible after death (but biologically live cells) to revive memory again in near future when medical technology become highly advanced.

Similarly whole human body including brain preserves cryonically as early as possible after death (but biologically live cells) to revive life again in near future when medical technology become highly advanced.

Globally already preserved more than 250 whole dead human bodies and human brains & more than 1200 live persons already enrolled to be preserved after death.