Live Human, Dead Human and Ancestral Cells Preservation & Specialty Pharma Company


(For offer to clients for “advance registration of somatic cells cryopreservation” for human cloning in future)


We, M/s. Endorphins Healthcare & Research Private Limited, having CIN (Company Identification Number) U24230MP2016PTC035275 understand the prohibition of human reproductive cloning mentioned in “National Guidelines for Stem Cell research 2017” (India), other countries Bill (i.e. United States 2015), act (i.e. United Kingdom 2008) & guidelines for human cloning  and United Nations general assembly approval for non-binding declaration 2005” to ban human cloning, hereby give the following declarations and undertakings for the offer of advance registration of somatic cells cryopreservation for possible human cloning in future to world-wide client(s):-


  1. We declare that we offer only advanced registration to preserve suitable somatic cells to world-wide client(s).

  2. We declare that somatic cells will not be collected, processed, tested, stored, retrieved and expanded until we get the approval of Indian regulatory agencies/ agency for long term (several hundreds of years) preservation in the hope of possible human cloning in future.

  3. Human cloning may be done in future following clients or nominee’s consent by preserved somatic cells only if human reproductive cloning becomes absolutely safe through advancement of technology and ethics and government law permits.

  4. We declare that we will not perform or attempt to human reproductive cloning by creation of a human zygote by SCNT (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer) or any other method. Research if done on primates or on human will be restricted to 14 days of fertilization or formation of primitive streak, whichever is earlier (as per restriction of Indian “National Guideline for Stem Cell Research, 2017”) after approval of concern regulatory authority.

  5. We declare that we shall extend full co-operation to regulatory authorities and disclose information as may be required.

  6. We declare that we will follow all regulations and guidelines by Indian regulatory agencies irrespective of other countries laws or guidelines. 


  • Clients(s): Who wants to preserve his/her own or /and his/her loved one(s) somatic cells. His/her loved one(s) may be live healthy adult, live healthy children, live healthy newborn, critically ill adult, critically ill children, critically ill newborn, died adult, died children, died new born, died embryo / fetus or ancestor.
  • Loved one(s): A close friend or family member or any human being for whom a person has feelings of endearment. Loved one(s) may be living or died adult, children, newborn, embryo / fetus or ancestor.
  • Nominee: A nominated person legally nominated by live client for ownership of his/her or his/her loved one(s) preserved cells.
  • Human cloning in future (future human cloning): Means human cloning (or human reproductive cloning) in future when human cloning becomes absolutely safe through advancement of technology and ethics and government law permits for human cloning.
  • Suitable somatic cells:
    For live human beings: Peripheral Blood and/or Hairs with root and/or Epithelial cells from Urine and/or Umbilical Cord blood & tissue.
  • For died human beings or ancestor: Peripheral Blood and/or Hairs with root and/or Biopsy tissue and/or Bone marrow and/or Skin or/and any internal tissue and/or Embryonic or fetal tissue and/or Umbilical Cord blood & tissue and/or best available and least damaged tissues.