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Brain preservation

Of course, current cloning technology cannot re-create memories and learning which came from environment. Some scientist believes, someday we may revive the memories and learning in cloned individuals by combining with other advanced technologies i.e. recovery of memories, thoughts and emotions from connectome.

Connectome is a complete map or fingerprint of the neural and molecular connections in a brain in which memories and learning are stored as scientist believes and can be retrieve in future from live persons brain or dead persons preserved brain. Successful experiments already have been performed in small organism. So let’s think a step ahead for brain preservation along with somatic cells preservation for future human cloning.

Brain and whole human body preservation: Globally already preserved more than 250 whole dead human bodies and human brains immediately after death (but biologically live cells) to revive life and memory again in near future when medical technology become highly advanced. More than 1200 live persons globally already enrolled to be preserved after death.