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Future of human cloning

We believe human cloning may happen successful within the next 30-40 years by advancement of existing or with entirely new technology. Parents who lost their children in accidents or someone lost their loved one or ancestor might be able to clone replacements in the next few decades. But a more promising and less controversial application of human cloning will be the infertility treatment. Human cloning is possible now but number of clones today will be deformed if done by currently available technology. This is one of the reasons to ban human cloning.

Scientific communities sometime deal with controversial issues with respect to new technologies like happen with IVF (in-vitro fertilization) technology and now may be with human cloning technology. Supporters were faced with lot of oppositions from judges, scientists, doctors and governing bodies when they proposed the idea of in-vitro fertilization. Peoples were extremely suspicious abut IVF when it was first developed, but

after the first test tube baby in 1978, the technique gained global acceptance and is used today by thousands of infertile couples worldwide and become routine treatment of infertility.In future human cloning may be routine like IVF (in-vitro fertilization) after establishment of safety and effectiveness of human cloning and surpass the current ethical, legal and social challenges. 

Response of society, religion & law to newer controversial technology
sometime follows as in this depiction.

The Imagination is equally important as knowledge. Some scientist believes, someday we may revive the memories and learning in cloned individuals by combining with other advanced technologies i.e. recovery of memories, thoughts, learning and emotions from connectome. Connectome is a complete cellular and molecular map or fingerprint of a brain. Successful experiments already have been performed in small organism.

Now scientist are searching aliens (biological or non biological) on other planets and on other galaxies, expecting the aliens technology much far superior than our technologies. With these thoughts now we are looking science in different paradigm and achieving several millstones in different fields. Expecting in near future human cloning technology will be safe like IVF (In vitro fertilization) and highly regulated.